My birth given name is EJUKU mark son of Akurut and Elasu both from the eastern part of Uganda (Soroti , Katakwi), i am one among many with the love to beat things and express my inside disorganised noise that allows me to express my brains and tend towards making sounds that not only take you to place you have never been but also responsible for making dancing a possibility .

My background in psychology makes me a student of behaviour and love for mental health welbeing as well as practice which only grows as time has changed , drumming as been part of me and me it and genuinely allowed me to interact with different artforms allowing me to fully develop my skills to best suit my disorganised noise for the drum plays a significant part in my life as a tool to voice what lies inside of me

Expressive therapy as a tool is that uses forms of creative expression such as art, music, and dance to help people explore and transform difficult emotional and medical health issues evidently my desires to contribute towards this form therapy as a tool to make aware the of mental health issues that manifest in our communities but also find solutions that are sustainable in the long run.

Culutral exchange is something that fuels my artistic cravings every time i visit new communities the urge to share my culture and accensentry gives me a level of satisfaction that allows me to learn enjoy intergrate in any culture that i have come a cross for the value drumming brings in every space is only love and beautiful vibrations and i so doing making love making art in all these forms and anything i put my brain

DANCE That unquenchable uncontrollable thirst to move your body when that beat touches and makes you move a muscle you didn’t know existed is something that puts abig smile on my face but also just a fun thing to do especially since every one ought to dance to there own beat every now and then